Wednesday, May 22, 2013


My new workspace. I think I could grab a cup of tea and sit here all day... For the longest time I've admired reclaimed wood tables. It's something about the story that the wood tells that I just can't get enough of in our home. My table has a big story and I think that's what I love most about it.

The wood that makes up my worktable isn't just your everyday wood. This wood comes from a place close to my heart; my grandparent's farm. Each area of the table comes from a different part of the farm and has a different story to tell. 

After gathering the wood off of the farm I proceeded to ask my mom (the farm was her home growing up) all about where the different parts of the table came from. The legs of the table made up the old fence that surrounded the cow pastures for many years. They're incredible to look at! Each piece is so individual. Some parts even have grass stains. The sides and center beam of the table are presumed to have been shelving in the barn at some point holding up tools and knick knacks of my grandpa's. Lastly, the table surface is presumed to have come from my grandpa's old farm truck. 

There you have it! I have the most incredible table not only because it looks incredible but because it holds so many precious memories. Together this table was made possible by the crafting of Jonathan Madison, and the help of my sister Whitney. Did I mention that Jonathan is building the most insane sail boat i've ever seen! You can take a look at his work here. Thank you both so much for giving your time to make this dream of mine come to life!